NO0 "that live in air temperature? ? "- Middle East TODAY

Temperature of 0 degrees ... was painful in the Middle East of the ... The fact that live in the "air temperature? ? " When I look at the Internet yesterday, every time in Basra in Iraq, that the degree in Kuueito, temperature that does not believe in Japanese, had been reported. I wonder if human beings are not what living among this, he got a big question. By the way, the temperature of the home of the bath has been set every time, but still feel hot in the summer. Of course, and has entered into the bath, come sweat more and more flow if Haitai also 0 minutes. When I was a junior high school or elementary school was, in Basra in Iraq, the highest temperatures have been recorded in the world. The air temperature there is a memory that has been taught that it was time, this time the recorded temperature is that is above it. Of the Tigris river and Yuratesu river of Iraq, but still if riverbank near, but art will be put up, or will what about in the inland. The area close to Iraq's southern Basra, wetlands spread, because there is a river, such as the eye of the net, if you go even there, to some extent will carry us for the heat.

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